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Polanski Polanski


Polanski Polanski

September 5 - 21, 2013

Don't miss this hyper-physical monodrama performed by Grant Neale, playwright Saviana Stanescu has imagined three threshold moments in the life of famed film director Roman Polanski. Under the direction of Tamilla Woodard, this fast moving tale of Desire, Escape, and Punishment, mixes film and theatre as it delves into the brilliant mind of the controversial figure, sometimes victim sometimes villain.



"Featuring a remarkable, compelling performance by Grant Neale and fluid and often surprising direction by Tamilla Woodard, Polanski Polanski is a show that deserves to be seen again. The writing is astonishing."
— Martin Denton,


Playright: Saviana Stanescu
Director: Tamilla Woodard
Performer/Artistic Director: Grant Neale*
Sound Designer: Hillary Charnas
Lighting Designer: Joyce Liao
Video Designer: Paul Lieber
Costume Designer: Amelia Dombrowski
Assistant Director: Nancy Keegan
Stage Manager: Mark Grystowski
Graphic Designer: Allen Spector
Public Relations: John Capo

*Member Actors' Equity Association

2013Kirk Gostkowski