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Sci-Fi Radio Plays


Sci-Fi Month

February - March 2015

After the success of radio plays TALK RADIO and IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE at The Chain Theatre, as well as the success of The Usual Rejects with action parodies of ROADHOUSE and DIE HARD, Variations Theatre Group is announcing a month of SCI-FI themed radio, film and parody programming at The Chain Theatre.



20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

February 27 at 8pm, February 28 and March 1 at 2pm


“The Earth does not need new continents. It needs new men.”

Years before their appearance, Jules Verne foretold the submarine, the balloon, the airplane, the telephone… But perhaps his greatest writing achievement was the complex character of Captain Nemo, the tragic star of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Aaron Gonzalez, Timothy J. Cox, Christina Perry, Chris Harcum, Chris Sutton and Nick Fondulis



*Both Radio Play performances will be accompanied by a bonus reading of a chapter from the universally and infamously renown tome – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – championing the immortal words “DON’T PANIC!”**




February 13 at 8pm, February 15 at 2pm

Based on the iconic paranoia-inducing alien-invasion novel of the same name by H.G. Wells, this is a live reenactment of the same radio program played on October 30, 1938 that produced a panic across the nation.

Featuring: Chris Catalano*, Alexander Pappas*, Doug Shapiro*

*Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association



The Usual Rejects Present
This is Heavy: BACK TO THE FUTURE  

February 21, Doors at 7pm

What the hell’s a gigawatt?!? Time to turn that peeping-tom-science-fiction nerd of a father into a real hero and avoid the hormonal advances of your adolescent mother. While your at it, dodge Libyan terrorists, shape up a wild-eyed scientist and OH YEAH, help put Chuck Barry on the map. THIS IS HEAVY. Its the one you’ve been waiting for – we’re going Back to the Future. Roads? Yeah…we totally still need them.



Chain Theatre Comedy Nights Presents: 
Benny & Griff: Go to Space!

Thursday, February 19th at 8PM




Friday February 20th at 8pm | 21 +

Cinema Under The Influence is back–hot on the high-heels of a sold-out screening of “The Birdcage”–with a special presentation of 1984′s coming-of-age, sci-fi gamer classic “The Last Starfighter” (1984, Dir. Nick Castle, Runtime 101 minutes.) Often imitated but never bested, “Starfighter” is the story of Alex, a seemingly average teen stranded in the middle of anywhere America who realizes his life is meant for more after achieving the high-score on a gas station arcade game. Featuring a cutting-edge ’80s mash-up of practical effects, creature make-up, and CGI, this underrated gem is space opera of the highest caliber and demands to be seen big, played loud, and experienced under the influence!

The movie will be preceded by “If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?” (1992, Dir. Eric Radomski, Runtime 22 minutes) a classic episode of the groundbreaking “Batman: The Animated Series” featuring the first appearance of The Riddler as Batman and Robin fight their way out of a treacherous virtual game.

Our program will feature critical writings and reflections from NYC artists and gamers, a raffle with donations from local businesses, and complimentary beer from Finback Brewery with your ticket purchase. Raffle sponsors for this event include The Chain Theatre, Queens Comfort, 8 Bit & Up Video Games, España Streb Trapeze Academy, Royal Collectibles, Videology, and more.

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