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After the Fall


After the Fall

by arthur miller
January 17 - February 2, 2013

After the Fall is one of Arthur Miller’s most autobiographical yet least performed works. It departs from the standard theatrical linear form and into the surreal. The thinly veiled parallels closely mirror his own experiences, deeply exploring his failed marriage and the subsequent suicide of his wife Marilyn Monroe. My Week With Marilyn and Smash may have scratched the surface of Monroe’s life, but no one knew her like Arthur Miller. With a touch of noir, this production delves deep into the tortured thoughts of a grieving man with important national and world tragedies such as the Holocaust and The Red Scare as a backdrop. After the Fall begs the question, how can you love again in the face of overwhelming adversity? It is a complex and gripping play that is a must-see for any fan of this legendary American playwright.



“Without question, the highlight of this production is the cast. The set is minimalist, with images projected as backgrounds during key moments in the narrative and effective lighting effects...Being only a quick subway ride under the East River from Manhattan, it’s a perfect intimate black box venue in the burgeoning artistic community in Long Island City.”
— Daily Actor

— Chris McKittrick,

— Aaron Botwick,


Director: Rich Ferraioli
Scenic Design: Meghan Maloney
Lighting Design: Greg Solomon



Kirk Gostkowski
Thea Brooks*



Deven Anderson
Amber Bogdewiecz
Madison Cemerzan
Coleman Moore
Amy Newhall
Melanie Rothman
Jason Daniel Siegel
Anthony Sneed
Kathleen Stuart*
Liz Tancredi
Bill Toscano*


*Actor appears courtesy Actors’ Equity Association

2013Kirk Gostkowski