Chain Theatre

2017 Season


2017 Season

Written by Kirk Gostkowski

Singin' All Night follows the story of a autistic African American teenager who has been accused of a horrific crime. He is shuffled through the system until a young attorney is given his "no win" case. 

Adapted and Directed by Greg Cicchino

Enjoy the timeless tale, explore what the world really would be like without you and what the power of faith and community can do. Give your whole family the gift of live theater!

april 21 - may 6

Chrissy, a bright young woman with a background of harshness that has robbed her of her innocence long ago, has visions of a career as a dancer. She finds herself in The Boom Boom Room, a disco/bar in Philadelphia meant to be her first step on the road to a better life. Instead, she must fight to defend her dream  and keep her anger in check amid the sex and stimulation that surround her, the psychological residue of her parent’ betrayals, and the bizarre pack of suitors who follow her. In a desperate search, Chrissy careens from the seductive mistress of ceremonies at The Boom Boom Room to the earnestly friendly gay man next door to a brutally passionate lover. In its compassionate look at Chrissy’s living nightmare, In the Boom Boom Room is a piercing look at a society dangerously close to our own lives, and a drama that captures both our hearts and our heads.