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Dragula the Musical

April 19, 2014

The “G” Spot, a cabaret where transvestites come for a night of carefree fun, is the home of the singing and dancing star DRAGULA.   Dragula is the stage persona of Peter, a sensitive young man who finds his only true joy in life comes when performing as Dragula. The Right Reverend Bobby Swagger is determined to stop Dragula from spreading his “perverse sexuality”.  Using the horrific Ma Daddy and a special formula provided by Tailgate the lesbian fortuneteller and her herbalist assistants, The Three Bitches, Swagger confronts Dragula.


After much soul searching Peter is determined not to be defeated by the bigotry of narrow-minded prejudice and with the support of his sister and his friends at the club, Peter fights back with honesty and a straightforward defiance to prove once and for all that “It’s all right to be a transvestite.” This laughter-filled, yet theme sensitive musical has the important message that if it’s not hurting anyone, people have the right to live any lifestyle they choose.


Written by

John Arthur Long and Theodore Kastrinos.

Music and Lyrics

John Arthur Long, George T. Kastrinos, and Theodore Kastrinos

Additional Music and Vocal Arrangements

Richie Iacona


Justin Randolph, David Baldwin, Christina Elise Perry, James Lynch,
Bill Toscano, Alexandra Kopko, Carly Ozard, Victor Albaum, and Luis E. Mora.

Music Direction

Danny Musha


Ashley Carter; performed by Ashley Carter, Vanessa Martinez de Baños,
Ariel Miasnik and Kaitlyn Pollock of DoubleTake Dance

Directed by

VTG Co-Artistic Director Kirk Gostkowski

2014Kirk Gostkowski