Chain Theatre


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest



by Dale Wasserman
Based on the novel by Ken Kesey
April 10-25, 2015

A mordant, wickedly subversive parable, set in a mental ward, the play chronicles the head-on collision between its hell-raising, life-affirming hero R. P. McMurphy and the totalitarian rule of Nurse Ratched. McMurphy swaggers into the mental ward like a blast of fresh air and turns the place upside down. But McMurphy’s revolution against Nurse Ratched and everything she stands for quickly turns from sport to a fierce power struggle with shattering results. ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST is based on the award winning novel by Ken Kesey of the same name, which also inspired the legendary film which garnered 5 Academy Awards.



"BRAVO!…We are left breathless from this intense and unforgiving indictment of once commonplace institutionalized brutality. Kirk Gostkowski and Leigh Anne West as bizarre sides of the same coin, are riveting and charismatic. Supporting players in the day room are flawless. Since every seat is just inches from the stage, the audience feels the intense pull of the actor’s emotions and their unfortunate circumstances. Kudos to the entire production and creative staff."
Queens Courier

"You’re not crazy, Variations Theatre group delivers a knock-out 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.'"
Times Ledger

"'One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest' soars to complex heights."


Director: Greg Cicchino
Associate Director: John Arthur Long
Production Design: Aaron Gonzalez
Producer: Christina Perry


McMurphy: Kirk Gostkowski
Nurse Ratched: Leigh Anne West*
Bromden: Constantin Tripes
Harding: Mark A. Keeton*
Billy Bibbit: Victor Albaum
Scanlon: Michael Selkirk*
Cheswick: Doug Stone*
Martini: Sean MacBride Murray
Nurse Flinn: Maria Prudente*
Warren: Kyle Kirkpatrick
Williams: Lenny Thomas
Dr. Spivey: Michael Horowitz*
Candy: Jacklyn Collier*
Sandra: Alexandra Kopko
Ruckly: Paul Terkel
Turkle: Steven Martin

*Appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association

2015Kirk Gostkowski